The Atlas For Experimental Poiesis

A t l a s   f o r   E x p e r i m e n t a l   P o i e s i s

An exhibition by Katherine E. Bash in the  Purdue University Galleries.
25 September – 5 October, 2012 : :  26 September, 2012: 5:30-7:30 Reception for the Exhibition and Introduction by the artist : : 28 September, 2012: 7:30-10pm: reception for the exhibition and Performance of  Laying Down paths.
30 September, 2012 Spatial Poetic Walk in Historic Prophetsown, Indiana.


This exhibition will explore the concepts of Frecha, Perforation and Abrisamento, the three main thematic axes of the Atlas for Experimental Poiesis, an experimental atlas that is focused on processes of observation and their relationships to naming, language and conditions of place. The Atlas evolved through iterative processs of engagement of different heuristics (general tools for discovery) in different sites over a period of multiple years. In addition to The Atlas for Experimental Poiesis this exhibition will feature key Spatial Poetries, the results of these site-based engagements that are unified through a continual attention to the process of identifying and collecting incontrovertible evidence of being, having been in or making place, poiesis. These take the form of cartographs, text-maps, situated readings, situated viewings. The Atlas, the Heuristics, and the Spatial Poetries are interwoven and connected back to a central object of the exhibition, The Manual for Experimental Poiesis for the Natural Historian of Event Phenomena, Both Spontaneous and Contrived. This Manual will be on hand for all current and potential Natural Historians of Event Phenomena.



F  R  E  C  H  A

Precipitous Cliff.

Katherine E. Bash. Precipitous Cliff. 2003-2012. © Itinerant Laboratory for Perceptual Inquiry.


Heuristic # 14: Thread Experience Through The Eye Of The Needle
Sit in a four-legged chair just at the edge of a precipitous cliff (your choice), with your back facing the large drop and feet placed firmly on the ground. Scooch on backward, right to the edge. That’s right, keep going, just a bit more. Now, begin to lean yourself backward until you are perfectly balanced on the back two legs of the chair, hovering ever so slightly.
Now, please share with us the relationships you perceive between the zones in the aft and fore regions of your body.


P  E  F  O  R  A  T  I  O  N 

Chance Reading, Victoria Embankment Gardens with William Tyndale.

Katherine E. Bash. Chance Reading, Victoria Embankment Gardens with William Tyndale. 2008. © Itinerant Laboratory for Perceptual Inquiry.

Heuristic #2: Chance Reading: Thread Experience Between The Book, The Site and Your Center. 


A   B   R   I   S   A   M   E   N   T  O

Windshirt. Katherine E. Bash

Katherine E. Bash. Windshirt: Seven Sisters. 2009. © Itinerant Laboratory for Perceptual Inquiry.

Phase Change:  Windtext: Fugaz

W i n d o w
W a v i n g
W i n d b l o w n
B r a n c h
G i o t t o
E y e s
W e i g h t s

To Anne Carson.